Photo by  John Herschel

Photo by John Herschel

Featured Product

Our current featured product is boneless, skin-on “Airline” chicken breast.  This is de-boned and trimmed whole breast with the 1st wing joint (the drummette) attached.  Also called Hotel Cut, Supreme, and French Cut (although a classic French cut removes the meat from the wing section).  Derived from traditional European cuts, in the past they were used primarily for fine dining and airline use. Today, our customer’s owners and chefs are now replacing traditional boneless skinless breast with this cut to add some zest to the plate’s presentation.  Always hand cut to order so please allow additional processing times.

Available split (single-lobe) or whole (double-lobe). Split sizes typically range from 8 - 10 ounces per piece and whole from 16 - 20 ounces per breast.